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I [ Ashaiyo] and My wife [ Purity ] are passionate about Christian Couples, we started this blog and our youtube channel to help young couples transition well in their relationships. Our goal is to impact as many young couples as possible, helping them enjoy their singlehood, date well, and prepare better for marriage.

I am a pastor, a disciple, a church planter, and a relationship coach who wishes to see young Christian couples honoring God in their life and relationship. My wife is also a pastor, certified counselor from Daystar University, passionate about leadership development and mentorship of young girls.

In a world where relationships have become superficial, people are now opting to live their single, dating, or marriage lives and just be who they want to be. It’s as though relationships have become underrated or overrated. However, what if that narrative was changed by being informed of a Godly lifestyle from being single to dating to marriage.

Well, this platform would help you understand more about different parts that form relationships and how to transition your life from singlehood to dating and hopeful to a happy marriage. You would be able to have got answers on questions you have about relationships. You would also be able to know how to live the life God desires of you and move past your hurt or pain or disappointment that may have come from being in a relationship.

Or maybe you have been single for a while now and are looking to dive in into a relationship for the first time or the second or third, whatever the case we would like to help you out.

We would like to get you to connect with the person that you love and have deep conversations that would alter how you look at relationships. Hence the mantra: When we talk, we make it better.

We post different kinds on content, including but not limited to;


Articles that are geared to help you live a better life as a single person. We post weekly tips, ideas and advices to help you be whole in your current state.


We desire to help you not only be a better person but also be prepared well in your relationship. We post content that are helpful for christian couples who are in the process of dating. we believe dating is the best place to find out more about yourself and your partner, as you think about marriage.


Because we are married we want to document our story and share our experience as we journey through this marriage life. This section will help you grow better in your relationship with God and your relationship with your partner.


We also post article on preparation for marriage. Helpful content that you need as you prepare for marriage.

Hope this is helpful.

Just a disclaimer, This site contains articles from different individuals, couples, and singles. We have a team of writers that contributes to our blog. This helps us produce more high-quality content that is helpful and diverse.

To reach us for any other inquiries feel free to contact us on the contact us page or send us an email on shadrameniah@gmail.com or +254 700 547 969

“Honey Let’s talk. When we talk we make it better.”
— Shadrack T. Ashaiyo

Looking forward to connect with you.

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